Our recruitment process consists of a comprehensive resume review, behavioral interviews, and a casing interview. Below, we have provided several resources to assist you in preparing for these evaluations during the recruitment process. 

Coffee Chats

Coffee chats are a great way to learn more about SEC in an informal setting. During these 25 to 45 minute chats, you can ask current members any questions about their club experience, professional experience, and general interests. Below are a few relevant resources to keep in mind when scheduling and conducting these coffee chats.

Coffee Chat Request Template

Coffee Chat Sample Questions

Coffee Chat Follow-Up Template

Please visit our application page to sign up for a coffee chat!


Your resume is a snapshot of your education, experiences, and extracurriculars. Throughout your resume, you want to use strong action verbs and quantifiable results to demonstrate the impact you made. When evaluating your resumes, we primarily look for proper formatting and the impact you had in your previous positions. Below are a few sample resume templates to keep in mind.

SEC Resume Template

Dyson Resume Template

Freshman Resume Template

Please attend our resume review workshops for further assistance!

Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral interviews give you a chance to tell your story beyond what is on your resume. Our behavioral interviews are meant to gauge your background and experiences, as well as your motivations for applying to SEC. Below are a few sample questions that you can expect during our behavioral interviews, as well as tips on how to structure your responses.

Sample Behavioral Questions

STAR Method

Please attend our information sessions for more tips on behavioral interviews!

Casing Interviews

Casing interviews give you a chance to show your business acumen and thought process. Demonstrating your thought process throughout these casing interviews is more important than arriving at the right conclusion. Below are a few resources that you can use in preparation for our casing interviews, including some of our recommended frameworks.

Casing Frameworks

Market Sizing

Please attend our casing workshop to learn more about our casing interviews!