Fall 2024 Recruitment Information is Coming in August!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior consulting experience to apply?

Applicants do not need to have prior experience in consulting to apply to SEC. In fact, most of our analysts do not have any prior consulting experience before joining! During the recruitment process, we place more emphasis on your story, your commitment to social enterprise, and your collaboration skills.

Do I need to be in a business-related major to apply?

We do not place any emphasis on applicants' majors. Our members study a variety of majors, including Applied Economics and Management, Hotel Administration, Biology, Computer Science, and Operations Research and Engineering. Many of our current members and alumni work in non-business-related industries such as technology, law, and medicine.

Do I need to be a freshman or sophomore to apply?

When evaluating applications, we consider applicants from every year, from freshmen to seniors. Showing a commitment to our values and goals during the recruitment cycle will make you a strong candidate, regardless of your standing.

Are coffee chats and information sessions mandatory?

While we highly recommend coffee chats and information sessions as a way to learn more about SEC and what we have to offer, we do not factor attendance at these events into our decision-making process.

Will I need prior casing experience during the interview rounds?

When evaluating applicants in our case round, we place more emphasis on each applicant's ideas and collaboration skills. We are not looking for any particular frameworks or casing styles, but we do want to see some sort of cohesiveness and structure in your responses.