Redefine Business

Who are We?

SEC empowers each member to build a career in social and environmental impact. We believe that every student brings a crucial perspective that can shape a brighter tomorrow to best achieve our motto of Redefine Business. We achieve this goal, our members are empowered through three values: education, innovation, and community. 

Redefine Business: Our Values


We provide a comprehensive 10-week New Member Education process where members learn about social consulting, social design, impact investing and social entrepreneurship in addition to providing a wealth of resources. 


We foster creativity and support innovation solutions to social and environmental problems through our consulting projects, speaker series, workshops, and other professional development events.


We build community by providing opportunities for students to meet others in our university's diverse student body and learn from a collective pool of knowledge. In addition, we hold a variety of social events throughout the semester to strengthen our close-knit community. 

Message from the President

Social Enterprise at Cornell aims to empower students from all backgrounds to explore careers in social impact, including consulting, entrepreneurship, policy, and finance. Our organization originated from the drive to bring together the fragmented impact entrepreneur community at Cornell. We achieve this by building a strong community and providing educational opportunities.

Community is a core mission at SEC. Through our consulting projects, student consultants develop close bonds within their project teams and New Member Class. We strive to create a tight-knit community where analysts can explore various paths in social impact alongside like-minded peers. Additionally, our general community is open to all through our public events, newsletter, and community Slack. We aim to connect and inspire the university’s diverse student body, supporting thoughtful, diligent, and diverse minds in their professional explorations of social impact.

Education is another vital aspect of SEC. Our comprehensive New Member Education equips student consultants with essential business knowledge and skills before they start working with real-world clients. We tailor the curriculum to each analyst’s background and provide prompt feedback for personalized support. SEC believes that every student brings a crucial perspective that can shape a brighter tomorrow — we strive to keep our educational resources open to all, with our speaker series and workshops available to the public.

Having been a part of SEC throughout my college years, I truly find my belonging in the SEC community, both in terms of my career and personal growth. Many people believe that there are no opportunities to make a career out of social impact, and we hope to redefine this misconception with your talent. Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions about our services or recruitment process, feel free to reach out to me directly.

- Joanne Hu,